Welcome to Primeworld!

I am Eserine, the new leader of [HC]HeroesClan, and I invite heroic players to join our team! We have many experienced veteran players and many new players to the game who we have helped power-up quickly with bonus resources, bonus hero stat points, and our clan bank full of very generous talent donations. We have many players who speak Russian, English, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and probably many other languages that I am not personally aware of. Primeworld might be one of the most challenging and complex games in the world, but we can help you achieve amazing triumphs against the odds.

Our clan members are always willing to answer questions in clan-chat but also we try not to pester our members with constant chit-chat or requests for team-battles like some of the other big clans. We welcome resource donations but have already reached a clan level where further upgrades have no measurable effect on gameplay (we are currently 43, with level 37 being the last important upgrade). Our clan is laid back, and will not freak out if you have real-life obligations and cannot play for a few days (as a new policy we are trying to kick out players after two weeks of inactivity).

Here is a bit more about me: I live near Chicago in the United States of America. I have been playing various MOBAs since the genre began in Starcraft 1's "Aeon of Strife", and I have been playing Primeworld since the Beta, with 12970 hours logged in. I consider Primeworld to be my favorite game and won awards for lore and writing guides for beginning players back when there were still forum contests. I like to play solo-queue because I love listening to podcasts and music while I play, but I encourage my clanmates to fight team battles if that is what they enjoy doing. My game handle is a nickname for the neurotoxic poison physostigmine, used in ancient West Africa for detecting witches, evil spirits, and duels to the death https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physos...istorical_uses http://www.slate.com/blogs/wild_thin...ehistoric.html . I have leveled 47/49 champions to level 25 (I am waiting for a free golden age double XP event to level up the most recent two) and through careful resource management have 42/49 champions as 'red champions' with over 2400 power, though I doubt that I am the strongest hero in our clan since many players have better internet connections and faster twitch-reflexes

Our clan values having fun, not trolling, and being a hero. Many times the HC clan carries our teammates to victory singlehandedly with great skill, great builds, and great tactics, or if that is not possible we are always ready to try again in a new match.

If you have any questions you can post them below! If you just started the game, if you build a clan hall you can send a request to join our clan (our clan's request tab gets checked every day).

Thanks for reading, and Good Luck on the field of battle!