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Thread: Drunk Fighter VS Blind Fighter (Heroes Suggestions )

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    Drunk Master VS Blind Fighter (Heroes Suggestions )

    Blind Fighter
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    we miss some natural fighters i tried to create this one and the one below so you can chose your best fighter about this one i draw him next his shadow than i fused the two in one work , about the idea of this fighter , it's a way to say even when he's blind can you beat him that what i want to say also he can't see but his shadow can , i thank "Maoud" for taking this pose he helped me a lot i think using design software is better than hand drawing

    Personality & Fighting Style

    he's a Mysterious man he say what in his mind without thinking twice about it i have made some sentences that may express his thoughts

    Spoiler Text

    about his fighting style i suggest spear/sword if he's short ranged (strength based ) or a dark energy if he's a long range fighter (int based which i prefer ) ,the Role fighter .


    0.Dark energy contract when the shadow summoned it consume 6 energy(and give 4-10 health) based on intellect from the hero every 2 seconds that's mean that he needs energy a lot for when kill a soldier get 5-15 energy based on intellect every hero kill or assist he get 50% of the enemy energy

    1.Shadow (1st tire) (consume 200 energy )
    summon his shadow that fight for him his health and strength (based on health edit it as you see it fit)
    The shadow can be summoned or deactivated at will (cooldown 40 sec if the shadow died 10 sec if not ) ,50% of the damage taken by the shadow will effect on the hero too .fighting style long/short range 50-300 strength based

    1.5.Give me power (2nd tire ) send the shadow in 3 seconds duration that attach to the enemy dealing 10-300 damage per sec and slow him down 50% the only way for the enemy to take the shadow off is by using a class talent he absorb the energy used in talent activation and deal damage 50-700 (based on strength) & blind for 2 second in native terrain ( by getting away from his shadow range the enemy will be released but not easy ) 20 seconds cooldown

    2.Black hole (1st tire )
    he can make a black hole for teleportation alone it lead to no where but , when standing on it it take5 energy(and give 4-10 health) based on intellect but when put the second it'll work as a portal for 3 seconds than disappear (he can set the hole 3 m far from him but no range limit for teleportation)

    2.5. Spirit Hole (2nd tire )
    it can be used for shadow teleportation to make it's range longer (allied can use the hole if the two holes are in native terrain )

    3.Dark Unleashed (Ult in 3rd tire)
    the hero fused with his shadow for 10 sec he can't use shadow any more but he can use teleportation freely his attacks will get 50-300 intellect based damage increasing

    3.5 Blindness (4th tire):
    30% chance blind enemies around for 1 sec and 20% chance stun his target for 1 sec

    4. Share it (passive 3rd tire ): his attacks has 10% chance blind the enemy for 0.5 sec

    Drunk Master
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    presentation :

    well he's .. he's a drunk that's first , but seriously the drunk Master style is famous in China as a special fighting Art that's Unique it's most important strength is in evading attacks and i mean by that "the miss" and also the Drunk Master style has a strong attacks too , Brawler is the only hand fighter we need to change that .

    Personality & Fighting Style :

    Spoiler Text

    about the fighting style i prefer hand fighter if must use a weapon i suggest "
    nunchaku" ,
    The Role Vanguard


    0.Let Me Drink

    the hero take move in which give him 10% chance Miss 5-50 Agility strength based

    Drunk Stance

    the hero drink from his bottle in 3 sec duration his miss chance will rise to 40% and and if he finished the bottle he'll enter the Drunk Stance and become red he'll will get a shield that take to 150-600 damage (Strength based ) , the Stance will last for 20 Sec (10 sec cooldown )

    1.5.the Cook

    if the hero didn't drink it all his miss chance will rise to 20 % only but he'll put bottle in flame (turn it to
    Molotov) and throw it making a wall of flame any enemy will cross it will burned 50-200 damage per sec intellect based for 3 sec

    2.Good Night

    the hero lay on the ground evading the first attack he received restore 20-500 health intellect based 15 sec cooldown

    2.5.i'm awake i'm awake

    By clicking again the hero jump from the sleeping stance to the nearest hero
    (or chose the nearest target ) knocking him down for 1 sec dealing 100-500 damage Strength Based

    Do you Have Some (Passive)

    he get 20% boost in speed after using any of his talents for 3 sec ( optional : just in Drunk Stance .)

    4.Give Me my Saki

    he land a series of attacks on the target for 4 sec that deal 400 damage per sec

    4.5 i want it now !

    the hero become immune to transformation effects/stun during the use .

    i hope you like those two if not let me know what i'm missing thanks for reading it , and if you have other thoughts let me know below this post

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    Using shadows sounds cool but being drunk sounds fun ^-^
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