Whelp....i have to say that I like some of the innovations of the game and the map itself is pretty well designed.


Character balance and matchmaking is terrible...simply terrible. No real competitive player will touch this game because of it....and there is still the Noob Q and atrociously worded talents and skills to contend with which is strangling Western player interest.

Whats worse is you have certain mods and devs actually *defending* certain things that are obviously broken and out of line within the MOBA genre, and have been apparently broken for a long while now from what ive read. Some people need to be fired honestly, especially the people who are holding it back. If you ever want this game to seriously take off guys, it has to be designed and balanced better(more mainstream).

You know what would fix SOME of the issues here that almost every other competitive moba has? A *bans* list.... At 1600, same as pre game character select... If you see a toon consistently banned and banned and banned, its a fair guess there are balance issues with that character. Dont take my word for it though...do your research on the other, larger and better known Mobas.

I may come back to PW in six months to see if Nival has woken up and fixed aspects of the game to bring it to the next level. If not well......I have my HOTS invite.