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Thread: End Game Castle Setup after new patch for crystals and talent forge by using speedy

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    End Game Castle Setup after new patch for crystals and talent forge by using speedy

    Hello guys,

    After the new patch and included "speed up" button, upgrading become more easy and funny. Thanks Nival for it. Maybe game become more economy based but even if we use 3k gold we got now, we can make very good hero builds. When Talent Disco came, I was frustrated about crystal problem because spent all crystals for upgrade heroes and hero buildings and didn't have enough crystals for upgrade orange talents. Now with the bonus gold we have, we can produce mine and turn it to crystals by "speed up" option. At 30lvl distiller, 3500 mine = 5 crystals for 3 gold. If you produce even mine by speed up option, 9 gold = 5 crystals. So I changed my 3xDistiller castle setup to 1xDistiller and focus on mine production and high population for 3-4 x 30lvl talent forges and wanted to share with you. Thanks for other posts and specially Bloodlust's one that gave me good ideas before.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Description About Castle :

    3x3 Buildings (6)
    - Small House x6

    4x4 Buildings (2)
    - Clan House
    - Tavern

    5x5 Buildings (18)
    - Inn
    - Library x 3 (I know this is huge but i have 800 talents waiting for upgrade)
    - House of Charity (int/energ)
    - Arena (agi/sta)
    - Battering Ram (str/hp)
    - Bastion (hp/energy)
    - Secret Service (cun/will)
    - Manor x 6
    - Cheateu x 3

    6x6 Buildings (15)
    - Cat House
    - Dog House
    - Ware House
    - Talent Forge x 2
    - Production Buildings x 10 (I have 8 mine, 1 farm and 1 lumber mill now)

    8x8 Buildings (1)
    - Prime Distiller x 1

    Empty squares = 48 for decoration

    This setup gives like 3.780 population with all population houses at 30lvl. So, it is able to use like 3-4 talent forge even. I made 2 x 30lvl until now and 3th is around 27.

    Aim is getting max crystal and talents with min gold spending.

    Idea is now produce mine, and turn it to crytals by speedy method and then use for talent forge, upgrade talents or hero buildings whatever you want.

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    Yeah.. im not using gold for speedups, seems like a waste.
    I used gold for Golden age, wich doesnt seem to be a waste )

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    In my opinion buying crystals using gold is not too waste, but keeping your distillers in storage is a waste of useful resource production. Everyday you should get 13 crystals since you said you have 1 lv 30 distillers already. What you are doing is like removing your inflow of your most important resource in the game. Maybe you can use that strategy just before this event, you can actually wait for the next event, force building is never recommended unless you dont mind putting much gold to support nival =)

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