Here is one chapter:

G man
Going down the dark, damp tunnel, it eventually opens up into a huge cavern the size of a soccer field. “So this is why we can actually breathe down here... You would think we would die of suffocation like that skeleton back there or something, but there’s gotta be some ventilation here somehow.” Says Shlomo as he takes some pictures with his camera.
The ground starts to slope a bit down and they point their flashlights around the cavern, seeing stalagmites taller than a bus hanging from the ceiling, they see a deep chasm that the flashlights cannot penetrate their darkness and a narrow bridge made of the stone they are walking on cross it. As they approach the chasm Shlomo sees something weird on one of the pictures he took and the hairs on the back of everyone’s neck begin to rise. “Dude, guys, how can this bridge be’s like not natural.” says Igor.
Shlomo responds “of course it’s not natural, neither is this blurry white image that is appearing in my photos guys.. I don’t think we should be here. Let’s go back.. Now.”
Joseph asks “What blurry white thing are you talking about?” Shlomo shows Joseph his camera screen and there appears to them a thin white see through cloud hovering over the chasm in one of the pictures, and in the next picture it appears closer. “Ya maybe he’s right. Maybe that skeleton back there has an unsettled soul just waiting to drain us of our life force here.”
Igor says “You guys are pussies, even if there is something here, what’s it going to do to us? You ever heard of anyone being killed by a ghost? “
“But Igor, you ever heard of anyone coming down here? It was illegal to enter the tomb of the kings... and you know the story of the Ottomans sending people down into the tombs of the patriarchs and them dying.” Responds Alan.
“Ok..but we’re nowhere near their catacombs.. and this aint gonna be no ghostly guard.. so we continuing? Let me see that camera.” Says Igor as he turns around to look at Joseph.
“You don’t have to Igor... “ Alan trails off as a ghostly white and seethrough person appears in front of them at the bridge.
“What?” Responds Igor.
Alan wants to say turn around but is afraid of offending this apparition, thinking in his head what he is doing here and since when were ghosts real or why or how did he show himself.
“Most of you do not know why you are here” the boys hear a voice spoken in their heads soft but heavily as if hundreds of years of wisdom were weighed on each word. “
“You will be tested individually and as a team. You will be given a reward for accomplishing your tasks. Not many of you will pass and those who don’t will not be gifted but the opposite: failure could result in death. Blackness comes and Alan can’t move, nor can he see the rest of the boys or hear anything though he tries to speak. The same presumably happens to the rest of the boys. Now within Alan’s mind the ghost speaks, “Answer this riddle and you may pass.”
Of your future and through your past
I come and go sometimes senseless sometimes fast
My purpose is unknown to all alive
Remembrance seems to drift then fall even if you strive
I travel by night and fade by day
But to a visionary I will never die away,
What am I?
The boys think for a while, but Alan knows the answer right away and Alan feels the ghost’s presence in his mind affirming his answer is correct. The blackness fades but he doesn’t see any of his friends around. The ghost tells him he may cross the bridge. Now Alan could ask about his friends, but thinks if this could be another test, on his devotion to friendship or trust in his friend’s abilities. He chooses the later option and crosses the bridge with confidence and a small amount of pride. He checks his phone to see the time and it’s been almost an hour since they descended into the rooms. He turns around and waits perhaps a half minute until he sees walking on the bridge fading into existence Shlomo, and before they get to each other and either says a word, Yosef too fades into reality walking on the bridge a few feet behind Shlomo.
“Whoa! I can see you guys again.” Says Yosef. “I just answered the question aloud and didn’t get a response so I just started walking, or thought I was walking, and hoping it was straight, and here I am. Hey where’s Igor?”
“Perhaps he died?” Replied Shlomo.
“Perhaps you are right..but he could also have ran away with his tail in between his legs and not even done the riddle.. but I’d see him fight anyone drunk or sober over something stupid.. whatever happened to him I guess we might find out later.” Claimed Alan.
“Perhaps you are both right…” says the ghost suddenly. “And there are many more perhapses, as there are many universes..and they are all happening at the same time..perhaps you are all just dreaming right now.. or perhaps only some of you are dreaming and some of you are awake.. you will never know. You may continue on your journey or turn back. With this gift of knowledge I give you and a warning with your way forward: the next test won’t be this easy, obviously enough, and it will test your strength.”
With those last words, the apparition disappeared in the blink of an eye.
“This is serious Alan, what did you get us into?” Asks Yosef with his Spanish accent.
“Well you can always turn back’s not like the bridge is going anywhere.. at least you got something out of this. Perhaps Igor is back up there too. Ha perhaps he is falling in a bottomless pit, since there are ghosts after all...if this is a dream, let me throw a fireball into the darkness!” Alan motions his hands forward with his palms next to each other perpendicularly curved forward as if he’s holding a ball, but nothing happens.
“You’re not dreaming Alan.” Says Shlomo. “Well let’s continue eh?” They turn their flashlights forward and Sam is already to the end of the cavern passageway leading forward. He puts his hand against the wall and pulls on something the other boys don’t see what it is. All of a sudden the cavern shakes and stalagmite pires begin to fall down, obscuring the entrance from whence they came, with many falling into the chasm, then one smashing the bridge behind them and it crumbling. Seeing the bridge collapse and feeling impending danger The boys run towards Sam, seemingly dodging every giant 5 foot stalagmites falling around them. Sam stands there holding what appears to be a crystal skull not caring what is happening around, just gazing into the skull.
The group of boys grab Sam and pull him into the passageway mere milliseconds before a stalagmite crashes where he stood before. Though Alan was the most athletic one of the group, the chances of him tripping and falling over something in the darkness of the tunnel was low unless it was an object intentionally placed there to be tripped on or some force that came out of nowhere, because that is exactly what happened.
Irregardless of the rush of the group, with flashlights flashing up and down, Alan trips and falls, hitting his head on a skull on the ground, knocking him out cold.