"And the winner is… Prime World! A year ago no one would expect this Russian game to become such an important part of the MOBA genre. Mixing MOBA gameplay with RPG and city building elements, this is a fine game that dares to try something new… and succeeds."


1 January 2014

"Prime World is a great looking game that seems to offer something for almost any type of player to do."


18 August 2013

" I love games that offer a lot of customization, as well as letting players have a major say in how they play the game. ...I'm looking forward to another shot in the game."


25 June 2013

"Winner, Best Strategy Game: Prime World by Nival."


25 June 2013

"...the production values are very good whether animations, textures, color palette, frame rate, particle effects, etc. For veterans of the genre, it might be a game to follow."


25 June 2013

"It seemed too much fun and too good to be true to cost nothing..."


25 June 2013

"Prime World's focus on defensive play seems to give the losing team more of a chance to get back in the game if they play intelligently."


25 June 2013

"Prime World is not just a MOBA, with its multiple modes, including PvE, single-player, and co-op, but we decided to award the game here because it takes a MOBA skeleton and builds upon it in multiple ways."


24 June 2013

"There’s an incredible amount of player choice available depending on your preferences and needs."


20 June 2013

"Don't fall into the trap of assuming that Prime World is just a League of Legends clone."


12 June 2013

"As far as beta experiences go, I’m fairly impressed with Prime World thus far. The talent system and individual ranking/levels make it an RPG journey of sorts where there’s a bit more unlocked after each and every match."


21 May 2013

"It's both extremely intuitive and very fun – in ways that even LoL can't top..."


6 May 2013

"...some of the unique features I spoke about today truly add to the experience and show their ability to innovate the genre. I look forward to seeing how the game develops during the beta and, on release, will be trying it out again with my friends."


30 April 2013

"Prime World players are given a unique kingdom to rule and expand upon. By expanding their kingdom, players gain access to currency allowing them to purchase new heroes and craft special traits."


26 April 2013

"Prime World takes the action strategy genre to a new level, allowing players to develop their characters not only on the battlefield, but also in their own castle, selecting and perfecting a deadly combination of abilities to be used in battle."


20 April 2013

"This might be the most obvious reason, and I'm sorry if it offends anyone's sensibilities. But gaming in general is pretty much a male-dominated thing. Hardcore gaming in things like RTS, ARTS, or MMOs... pretty much as masculine as any 1980s action movie starring Carl Weathers. But they shouldn't be."


5 April 2013

"Female players have discounts for female characters, not for all characters. Same for male players and male characters"


3 April 2012

"Though they fight for different causes, they share quite a bit in common—especially when it comes to heroes. Not every hero is a unique snowflake"


28 March 2012

"Genre expert Ryan Scott talks to Nival's Pavel Epishin about how Prime World divides its heroes. Learn about Slayers, Protectors, Fighters and a few other different ways you can play the game. Find a hero and role to match your style. A lot of new information available here."


22 March 2012

The big strategy game site RTSGuru had some questions for Prime World's producers and we did our best to answer them. Read and comment on the article at RTSGuru.


27 February 2012

In the March 2012 issue of the US version of PCGamer, Ryan Scott talks to Nival Producer Divya Valluri about how Prime World hopes to change the way we think about arena battle games.

On News Stands.


4 February 2012

IGN named Prime World Best Strategy Game at E3 after this preview, - and followed up with the Prime World team at Gamescom and wrote this preview.


19 August 2011

Game Front honored Prime World by naming it one of the best games at E3! Read Ross Lincoln's thoughts on why the game is shaping up to rock worlds at the bottom of this link.


16 June 2011

The world's largest game magazine gets an early look at Prime World and Adam Biessener writes up what he thinks. Read and comment on this preview.


11 May 2011

Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander takes a look at how Prime World plans to encourage mixed gender teams. Read about why Nival wants you to bring along someone of the opposite sex – they may safe your life.


18 May 2011


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