Search clans

Clicking this button opens a special window that displays the list of clans along with detailed information about each: their rating, their status (whether they are under siege, and how long it will last), and their suzerain, if any. In this window, you can quickly find and gather information on any clan in Praia.

In addition to the general clan list, you can also select other tabs, which display a number of things:

  • Vassals – the current list of subordinate clans
  • Recommended – the list of clans whose capture would be profitable
  • Ongoing sieges – displays rebellions, sieges, and protections afforded to each clan
  • Former vassals – the list of former vassals of the clan
  • Requests – petitions from those who wish to become vassals

When you hover the mouse over the name of a clan, a popup menu will appear which displays the list of available operations, such as sieges.

Next to the table headers you will see a pencil icon. You can use this to search for clans by name.

For example, perhaps you wish to find a clan in the general clan list. To do this, open the appropriate tab of the table, press the icon next to the "Clan Name" and enter the desired search term, then press  “Enter” or click the left mouse button inside the window. You need not enter the full name – you can just use an abbreviation or the first few letters. In this case, all clans that match your search term will be displayed.

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