Tactical points

Tactical points

Tactical points are a personal resource for each clan member, and can be spent in the clan store. If a player decides to change clans, all their tactical points will be lost. These points can be won by winning fights in the Borderlands. The more players from your clan fighting on your side, and the higher the rating of your opponents, the more points you will win if you are victorious. In addition, battles against rival clans also increase the rewards you receive. Thus it is wise to participate in clan battles, gathering your own forces against rival clans. Seek out rival clans using the clan search mechanism, and reap the rewards of victory.

Bonuses will be credited even if you battle enemies from different clans. But if you battle within your own clan, the tactical points you win will be reduced.

Strategic Points — a clan resource

Strategic points are awarded to a clan when its members win a victory. The number of points your clan receives will depend on the number of tactical points you and your teammates earn. In addition, your vassals will provide additional points – daily bonuses, which is a fixed percentage of the strategic points they earned over the course of the day. Strategic points can be spent in the clan shop, where you can purchase bonuses for your whole clan – and they can be spent on the capture of new vassals. The higher the enemy’s rating, the more strategic points are required to declare a siege. Only the clan leader and advisors can spend these points, and only they can declare siege upon a new vassal, or the overthrow a suzerain.

Clan Rating System

Your clan’s rating depends on how many strategic points your clan has earned over the week, excluding income from vassals. Thus, the more active participants you have in your clan, and the more often they win (particularly against strong opponents), the more they earn personal tactical points, and thus the more your clan will win strategic points – and the higher your clan will be ranked.

Even victories of the lowest-ranked hero affects the clan’s success in the war, which in turn allows the clan to challenge more powerful rivals.

When updates are released, the clan’s rating is recalculated based on the updated system. Points already accrued will be converted, so you will still have the points you won before the update.

The Global map and Clan War interface

The Global map and Clan War interface

When your clan attacks or captures someone, a special icon appears in your castle on the right. This is a prompt with information about how much longer the siege and defenses will last.

But to access everything related to the clan war, you can check a new screen: the global map. You can do this by pressing the appropriate button, at the bottom-right corner of the castle screen, above the portrait of the player.

The screen shows a stylized map, at the center of which is your clan’s castle. Surrounding it are your vassals, and the clan’s suzerain is shown at the top in a special frame, where you can access your clan store. Also displayed is the clan’s abbreviation, as well as its rating. In addition, the castles display their status – whether they are captured and so on. If you right-click on your clan, a pop-up menu displays the actions you can take, depending on the situation. Click on a vassal, for example, and you can you “Expel” them. Click on a suzerain, and you’ll have the option to "Overthrow" them.

You can also see the map of any other clan (except for those that are issued automatically at the beginning). To do this, select a Clan and a pop-up menu will appear. Then you may select 'Go to.' To return, right-click on any castle on the map and click "Return."

The top of the screen displays gold and other resources used in clan warfare – the clan members’ personal tactical points and the clan’s strategic points. Also shown are the number of captured vassals. The icon at the bottom left of the clan offers the following options:

  • Return to castle
  • Shop
  • Search clans
  • Chat

Suzerains and vassals. Seizing clans

Suzerains and vassals. Seizing clans

Each clan begins with one suzerain and one vassal. These may grow into proper clans, and meanwhile you can engage in clan wars and receive a small income from your vassal.

You can declare an assault on any clan you wish – you just need to spend a certain amount of strategy points (more on that below). Then begins the 24-hour siege! You can attack your foe at this point, and for the next day you will be competing against that other clan. The higher the rating of the clan you’re besieging, the more expensive it is to commence the attack. Throughout the siege, you may be joined by other invaders – and in this case, the winner will be the clan with the highest number of strategy points during the 24-hour siege.

If the attack was carried out on a clan that had a suzerain, the winner is determined by comparing the siege points that each invader earned during the siege, and the current suzerain. If the clan was alone in the conflict, then only that clan’s points are considered.

After a successful siege, a captured clan becomes a vassal.

If at the moment of victory the invader already possesses the maximum number of vassals, that lord must decide within four hours which of their vassals will be released. Before the decision is made, this clan cannot enter a new siege.
Clans cannot possess more than eight vassals, so it is ideal to capture the strongest, if you can keep them in check. However, a vassal can always revolt if he or she doesn’t like a suzerain. Starting a rebellion also requires a certain amount of strategic points. Rebellions also last 24 hours, and at its end the points are summed up: if the vassal scored higher than the suzerain, the vassal becomes free.

You can withdraw from a siege at any time. To do this, select "Surrender" from the popup menu. The result will depend on exactly who chooses to surrender.

  • If the defender is not a suzerain, the defender automatically becomes a vassal of the victor.
  • If a suzerain who protects vassals decides to surrender, and several clans are involved in the battle, that suzerain immediately loses their vassals, but the battle will continue between the remaining combatants.

Only the leaders of clans and their advisers can initiate sieges or raise rebellions. A clan can also petition any suzerain, asking to be brought under the suzerain’s protection. Each day you can send a maximum of 10 such petitions. If the request is accepted, and the petitioner is not already in a clan, he or she immediately becomes the suzerain’s vassal. If the petitioner is already a member of another clan, a siege begins.

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