Tactical points

Tactical points are a personal resource for each clan member, and can be spent in the clan store. If a player decides to change clans, all their tactical points will be lost. These points can be won by winning fights in the Borderlands. The more players from your clan fighting on your side, and the higher the rating of your opponents, the more points you will win if you are victorious. In addition, battles against rival clans also increase the rewards you receive. Thus it is wise to participate in clan battles, gathering your own forces against rival clans. Seek out rival clans using the clan search mechanism, and reap the rewards of victory.

Bonuses will be credited even if you battle enemies from different clans. But if you battle within your own clan, the tactical points you win will be reduced.

Strategic Points — a clan resource

Strategic points are awarded to a clan when its members win a victory. The number of points your clan receives will depend on the number of tactical points you and your teammates earn. In addition, your vassals will provide additional points – daily bonuses, which is a fixed percentage of the strategic points they earned over the course of the day. Strategic points can be spent in the clan shop, where you can purchase bonuses for your whole clan – and they can be spent on the capture of new vassals. The higher the enemy’s rating, the more strategic points are required to declare a siege. Only the clan leader and advisors can spend these points, and only they can declare siege upon a new vassal, or the overthrow a suzerain.

Clan Rating System

Your clan’s rating depends on how many strategic points your clan has earned over the week, excluding income from vassals. Thus, the more active participants you have in your clan, and the more often they win (particularly against strong opponents), the more they earn personal tactical points, and thus the more your clan will win strategic points – and the higher your clan will be ranked.

Even victories of the lowest-ranked hero affects the clan’s success in the war, which in turn allows the clan to challenge more powerful rivals.

When updates are released, the clan’s rating is recalculated based on the updated system. Points already accrued will be converted, so you will still have the points you won before the update.

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