The Global map and Clan War interface

When your clan attacks or captures someone, a special icon appears in your castle on the right. This is a prompt with information about how much longer the siege and defenses will last.

But to access everything related to the clan war, you can check a new screen: the global map. You can do this by pressing the appropriate button, at the bottom-right corner of the castle screen, above the portrait of the player.

The screen shows a stylized map, at the center of which is your clan’s castle. Surrounding it are your vassals, and the clan’s suzerain is shown at the top in a special frame, where you can access your clan store. Also displayed is the clan’s abbreviation, as well as its rating. In addition, the castles display their status – whether they are captured and so on. If you right-click on your clan, a pop-up menu displays the actions you can take, depending on the situation. Click on a vassal, for example, and you can you “Expel” them. Click on a suzerain, and you’ll have the option to "Overthrow" them.

You can also see the map of any other clan (except for those that are issued automatically at the beginning). To do this, select a Clan and a pop-up menu will appear. Then you may select 'Go to.' To return, right-click on any castle on the map and click "Return."

The top of the screen displays gold and other resources used in clan warfare – the clan members’ personal tactical points and the clan’s strategic points. Also shown are the number of captured vassals. The icon at the bottom left of the clan offers the following options:

  • Return to castle
  • Shop
  • Search clans
  • Chat

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