Clan shop

This shop sells items that are only available to players who are in a clan; they cannot be obtained any other way. The kind of goods depends on the suzerain’s ranking – if it is high, the items for sale will be rarer and more powerful. If the clan has no suzerain, the store’s level will depend on the clan’s ranking. The ultimate 9th level shop is only available to clans with no suzerain, and with a rating over 2,700 points. In this case, players may access the store of the Castle of the Ancients, in which you can find the best available products. Thus it is wiser to be a vassal of a highly-ranked suzerain – so you will have access to the best items. In turn, it is best for a suzerain to have highly-ranked vassals, because they significantly increase the clan’s strategy points.

Two types of items are available in the store:

  • Those which act on some or all clan members simultaneously. These can only be bought by the clan’s suzerain and advisors, in exchange for the clan’s strategic points.
  • Those which act on individuals. These can be purchased for tactical points – and can be bought by any clan member.
  • This second category includes exclusive (orange) talents, “The Conqueror’s Regalia.” In the future, unique hero skins will be available only to members of clans.

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