For Experienced Players

This information will be useful for players who are already familiar with such popular games as League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and want to understand what sets Prime World apart. In the following section we have tried to provide a short summary of what makes Prime World special. We believe that skilled players will find this information to be very useful.

Talents and Level Sets

The main thing that sets Prime World apart from other games in the genre is the talent system. This system is the foundation on which the rest of Prime World’s gameplay has been built.

In LoL and DotA, there are a few popular strategies for developing each hero: what to buy or equip and the order in which you develop your skills. Although all characters have access to all the items in the store from the very beginning, in practice there are a lot of items that serve no purpose at all and are just not worth purchasing. This makes it very difficult for new players to start playing the game and prevents experienced player from further developing their tactical skills.

In Prime World, there are no stat developing items in the store at all, just consumable goods. So, instead of items, every hero has talents, which can provide passive bonuses or active skills, and can be either particular to certain types of characters or common to all players (for example teleportation and healing).

Talents are permanent and are learned by heroes in the Castle after being unlocked with Prime during a battle. Since every hero has a standard set of talents at his or her disposal, new players cannot accidentally waste money in the store on things they do not need. Instead, they unlock talents from the basic set, which is sufficiently balanced. On the other hand, experienced players who have acquired talents in battle can use them to make major changes to their characters.


Talents are distributed by level in such a way that it is enough to unlock two thirds of them in battle. A balanced build can support two basic play styles per character and in case of various unexpected developments, a third for specialization—this is usually unique skills for the specific hero.

Unlocking a talent during a match increases the character's level by one (a few talents give two levels; this is listed in their descriptions), which also leads to an increase of his or her basic attributes. The player can choose between leveling up quickly by acquiring inexpensive and less powerful talents or by saving Prime early in the game to get more expensive talents at lower levels.

Prime — Experience and Money

There is no distinction between experience and in battle gold in Prime World; they have been replaced by a single resource: Prime. Prime is used to unlock talents and make purchases at the store and is earned in-game by killing monsters and opponents. You also get a certain amount of Prime at regular intervals starting from the beginning of a battle. There are even special talents that can make it accumulate more quickly.


The Lanes, the Forest, and the Mini-Game

In a standard game of LoL, an optimal tactic early in the game is a 1-1-2 layout on the lanes plus one character in the forest. This way the team collects more experience than the enemy in a 2-1-2 combination. In Prime World, you also have the option of a 1-1-1 layout plus one character in the forest and one in a mini-game. Besides getting Prime, the character in the mini-game also supplies his or her team with scrolls that provide useful bonuses. On the other hand, a team with a 1-1-2 or 2-1-2 layout has more opportunity for a gank in the middle, but also risks losing on levels if they aren’t sufficiently proactive.

Killing neutral monsters in Prime World gives the player Prime, but not attributes bonuses as in League of Legends. Certain characters can also charm neutral monsters, subject them to their will, and use them against the enemy.

The average length of a match in Prime World is about half an hour (compared to 40 minutes in DotA or 45 in League of Legends).

Controlling Territory

In Prime World, there are flags next to towers that the player can seize to claim the surrounding territory and create a boundary between the opposing sides. Only flags that are next to the player’s territory can be seized, but this can be done by heroes or by certain creeps, so the front line is constantly shifting during battle.

Native Terrain provides a bonus for many active character skills—this reduces ganking at early stages and makes the choice between attacking (more risk, more reward) and defending (less risk, less reward) more difficult.

Territory bonuses are relatively minor at first, but they can have a significant effect at the middle and end of the game. For example, the teleportation talent (every hero has it by default) can only move the character to Native Terrain.

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