Lords and Ladies!

Seasons is a global update in Prime World that will totally change the rating system. In the end of each Season Heroes’ rating will be recalculated, Heroes will receive many precious rewards including a unique seasonal skin!

What is a Season?

A Season is a period of time that lasts for about 3 months. During this period, a Hero is gaining rating as usual. When the Season changes, Hero’s rating will be recalculated and according to the result Lords and Ladies will receive special seasonal rewards. Heroes will start each Season with certain rating, which will be calculated according to the achievements in the end of the previous Season.

Each Season will also give Heroes unique rewards that are impossible to receive differently.

Why do we need Seasons?

1. To make the game more competitive

Of course, any multiplayer game (MOBA especially!) is a competition. The player who can assess the situation, whose strategy is better, who understands his/her Hero and can play on it, will become the winner of the game.

Seasons do not only stimulate players to battle for the “Best Player” title but also give an opportunity to receive many unique rewards that will describe the achievements.

2. To cut down the situations when players reached a certain level and stopped playing

Some players have achieved high results on some Heroes and switched to others. The builds of those Heroes and talents become older and older and the players feel disappointed because of the rating and build mismatch. The Seasons will lower the rating of those Heroes. Nevertheless, the maximum rating that has been reached on each Hero will be shown by a special frame and additional information in the Castle.

3. To make it easier to come back in the game

It is difficult to come back in the game if you have not played for a certain period. It happens not only because of the changes happened in the game but also because the skill does not correspond to the rating. It can disturb both the player and his team members. The League and Season recalculation system will solve this problem.

4. To mix ranks from time to time

The Heroes with the highest ranks are a bit isolated from the other players who want to achieve the top ranks. Thus, the rating downfall in the Golden League will be the highest. The players form the Silver Leagues should not worry though, because first of all they will be able to play with the best of the best and moreover the maximum rating in the beginning of the Season will play a very important role.

What is a League?

Rating Leagues will be added to the rating titles. Leagues will show player’s achievements and skills on each Hero. There are 5 Leagues:

  • Wooden League — under 1400
  • Stone League — 1400-1599
  • Bronze League — 1600-1799
  • Silver League — 1800-1999
  • Golden League — 2000+
  • Legend — 10 top players (for each specific Hero)

In the end of each Season, a player will receive a reward that will show the prestige of his/her achievement. The reward will be given both to a Hero, who reached a certain League, and to a player for the total achievements. For example, if a player reached Silver League by one of his Heroes during the whole Season, he will receive a unique seasonal skin.

Rewards in the end of the Season

There will be a lot of unique and prestigious rewards that are worth struggling for!

Each Hero starting from the Corporal will bring a special reward. Starting from the Lieutenants Lords and ladies will receive a special frame for a Hero (each Season he frames will be different). Here are the frames you will receive in the end of the First Season:


The higher the League the cooler is the frame. The frames will be shown everywhere both in the Battle and in the Castle, so everyone will know how cool you are.

Moreover, for each Hero in the Golden League you will receive 1 random main legendary talent from previous sets; and for each Hero in the Legend League you will receive 1 legendary talent from the latest set.

You will also receive useful materials and unique flags. The amount of Prime crystals and the flag type will depend on the highest League the player has reached.




Flag (for Zero Season)

Wooden league (to Privates inclusive)

50 Prime crystals

Stone League (Corporals and Sergeants)

110 Prime crystals

Bronze League (Lieutenants and Captains)

180 Prime crystals

Silver League (Majors and Colonels)

260 Prime crystals

Golden League (Colonels and higher)

350 Prime crystals
  Legend (10 top players for each specific Hero) 350 Prime crystals

You will earn a unique skin if at least one of your Heroes has Major rank or higher. The first seasonal skin is for Blade Master. The players will receive it in the beginning of the first season.


The following window in the Castle will inform you of receiving rewards:

Time till the end of Zero Season