World Lore

World Lore

There was a time when The Imperium and The Keepers one united people.

Back then, the vast Laphite Empire stretched from coast to coast, and was home to all people. The three heads of the mighty dragon gazed down from the Imperial crest, symbolizing the three fully autonomous provinces united in a single, powerful state. Even then, the climactic differences between the three lands led them to not only choose different paths of development, but also different ways of life.

Although it seemed sudden, hindsight shows that the change was inevitable. First, the weather turned strange and harsh. The rain hammered down more and more often, and when the sunlight finally broke through, there was no escape from the scorching heat. But that was only the beginning: hail, snowstorms in summer, acrid smog, hurricanes... it seemed nature itself had lost control. Finally, on a day like any other, it happened - the event that changed the world forever.

The heavens opened up, the earth gaped wide open, and gushing out on to every living thing came a previously unknown substance - a thick, cyan-colored liquid. It quickly became apparent that it had extremely powerful properties; properties that enabled it to transform matter beyond recognition. In high concentrations, it was lethally poisonous for all living organisms. The new substance turned out to be the decisive force that shaped the new world order. People named it “Prime,” and started to learn how to live in their changed habitat - each province in its own way.

The southern territory, located on a peninsula, came under bombardment from all sides by the elements. Massive waves of seawater and Prime flooded these lands. With a thundering groan, a rift opened across the earth, and the southern province split off from the mainland. Nothing more was heard of the south, and for a long time it was thought that it had been swallowed by the sea.

In the North, for the first days of the cataclysm, the population rushed to the mountains, further away from the Prime-saturated areas and fumes. A scientific observatory became the temporary provincial center, a hardened fortress high up in the mountains. Naturally, the observatory was used to carry out experiments to study the new substance. Soon it became clear that, despite the danger it posed to living organisms, it contained the key to previously unimaginable technological advances. Scientists developed a system that protected people from Prime-effects, and methodically went about stockpiling Prime as a new resource. The scientific and technological exploitation of Prime formed the backbone of a new society, and later, a new state.

In the Southeast, people’s first encounter with Prime was quite different. The province was located in the lowlands, and the moist, marshy environment soaked up the Prime like a sponge. There was no way of avoiding contact with the new substance, and the first days of the new age were dark indeed, with a heavy death toll. The Prime entered the bodies of the area’s inhabitants, and as it metabolized they felt a great power over the material world. The “New People” were able to create and transform material objects using their imagination and emotions. It was a new, intuitive magic, powered by inspiration - and Prime. The people of the South went about honing their new skill.

Life didn’t return to its former rhythm, but instead found a new one.

The Prime didn’t just become a part of everyday life, it became a crucial resource for survival. People adapted to this new world any way they could, but with the unknown comes great fear and suspicion. Some of the inhabitants of the Laphite Empire treated Prime with overzealous caution, and used it only to power their technological advances. To their horror, they saw others using Prime as an organic matter, physically interacting with it to achieve a an unheard of level of pure creative magic. These opposing views began to tear the empire apart, and the Laphite Emperor fell victim to the cataclysm. Shortly after, the governors of the provinces declared sovereign states: The Dokht Imperium in the North, and The Keepers of Adornia in the South. The Prime Zone, the region on the mainland which was most heavily affected by the cataclysm, formed a natural border between the two new countries. In this bizarre, desolate region, the Chud are often encountered - strange beings, so heavily affected by the Prime that it is unclear who they were before the Cataclysm: people, beasts, or something more terrifying. Now, both sides visit the Prime Zone, but they don’t go to gawk at monsters. Although the initial fallout caused people to flee from Prime, now in present day, everyone is looking for new Prime deposits to exploit and bring home.

Over the decades that have passed since the cataclysm, the flood of Prime has gradually dissipated into the earth, air, and water. Its concentration changes depending on various conditions. Now, it isn’t highly concentrated. However, in certain places, due to the relief of the land, pockets of Prime remain at its original concentration. On the hunt for this new resource, the inhabitants of the new world learned to find and exploit these deposits. The Imperium builds mines, while the Keepers use special trees to harvest it from the land.

Prime deposits quickly became national treasure in both states. It didn’t take long for all the extraction points for this new resource to be discovered, and divided up among the aristocracy of this new world. These are the Lords and Ladies, and their control over the Prime deposits extends to the territory upon which their property lies.

Since Prime has become an integral a part of life in both countries, they carry out constant searches for new sources of the resource. More and more, both the Imperium and the Keepers steel themselves to enter the depths of the Prime Zone, a place that hides the secrets of the past, the mysteries of the present, and the hopes of the future.

Prime is the past, the present, and the future. It is the source of everything: strength and might, miracles and magic, danger and power in this new world, and no one will survive without it.



Join the war between technology and magic in Prime World, the new RPG/MOBA from the creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V, Blitzkrieg, Silent Storm and Etherlords. Choose from dozens of characters and fight your friends in a battle for victory, glory, and priceless Prime!

Prime World merges persistent RPG hero development, PvP and story-driven battles and castle building. You can hire, equip and train your heroes between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, and play together with your friends. You can even start your own clan and fight other clans!

Prime World offers various battlegrounds to challenge your friends – there are currently six game modes, with more to come: from fast and fierce 3v3 Outpost to dark and moody 4v4 Dragonwald. And you will be able to play single-player episodic missions as well.

The crux of the game lies in an ongoing conflict between two nations: the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia. The two nations are plunged in an endless struggle for control over Prime, a crucial resource -- the possession of which could easily tip the balance of power. Prime is a dangerous substance with magical properties that can at the same time be a source of new technologies. Its ability to change and even control the world makes it highly desirable throughout the world. Whoever controls Prime controls the entire world.



Let’s take a moment and outline the major features of Prime World:

1) Prime World combines tactical battles with strategic elements. You can be anything from a mighty general to an august lord or lady of a castle.

2) Prime World has a social component: players can form clans and use social networks to collaborate together. Your social network friends will be your allies on the Prime World battlefield.

3) Every hero in the world of Praia can be fully customized using a unique talent-based system (as opposed to being artifact-based as in many other games).

4) Every match offers players a variety of ways to level their character, including mini-games, which means that every PvP encounter is going to be different.

5) The game is centered around a conflict between two forces that are very different from one another.

6) Prime World features a unique terramorphing system that allows players to seize terrain using their faction’s flags. Native Terrain enhances the abilities of the heroes located on it.





The Dokht Imperium

The Dokht Imperium

Highland Citadel

With the advent of the Prime Era, the Imperium was the first to establish a new state. The fact that the Dokht Imperium was established only after the sovereign Kingdom of Adornia in the South is merely a footnote in the official chronicles.

The Northern Province of the Laphite Empire was situated in mountainous terrain rich in natural resources. The area boasted excellent craftsmanship, developed manufacturing, and schools to pass on all of society’s accumulated knowledge to the new generation. The Emperor, an active patron of the sciences, established several research laboratories here. One of these, the Imperium Observatory, became a new refuge for the people during the first days of chaos.

Viceroy Leonard of the Northern province was one of the first to arrive there—the highland citadel seemed to be the safest escape from the sudden Prime flood. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible tragedy along the way: while crossing a river, his wife fell from her horse into the viscous Prime that filled the riverbed, and died of its poisonous effect. The Viceroy was deeply shaken by the loss of his wife. For the rest of his journey he reflected on humanity’s helplessness against this new force. Conquering Prime became his sole reason for surviving.

Upon his arrival at the Observatory, Leonard’s spirits lifted. Making the Temple of Science a place of refuge for himself, his sons, and his people in the face of this tragedy became his new purpose in life.

Truly, in the midst of chaos and terror, emotions were useless. Impartial science, detached from the fates of individuals, could at least provide a new direction of thinking, a new drive for ideas. Uncertain times require a firm foundation, and when faced with such an unknown dangerous force, scientific knowledge could become a foundation as strong as the observatory citadel itself, if not stronger. Besides, just several years before, the development of scientific thought had been proclaimed an Imperial priority. A return to national values might foster the unity of humanity’s spirit and hold society together in this time of chaos.

That same evening, the Viceroy gave a speech to all in the Observatory. He called upon them to dedicate themselves to the study of the new substance; its properties, and its effects on all things both inanimate and animate. Of course, the main goal was to the search for an antidote to exposure. Those who lacked the knowledge or intellect for scientific work were required to service all of the routine needs of the community. “In these terrible times,” he proclaimed, “we must search for something special we possess within ourselves, and use it to counter the elements.” “That something is a lively, questioning mind, a drive for knowledge befitting the citizens of the Imperium.” Thus Viceroy Leonard concluded his speech.

In this way, at the dawn of the Prime Era, men of science became the highest caste of the new society. When the Observatory became too small to accommodate all of the incoming refugees, entry was granted only to those able to tangibly aid scientific research. These scientists became known as the Imperium, after the name of the observatory. Studying Prime for the sake of saving many lives was more important than interrupting research to save a few individuals—such logic controlled every aspect of the new society, and no one dared to question it. It was the same outside the observatory walls. Everyone waited for the Word of Science, for the results of the first scientific study of Prime, for the news that was supposed to tell them how to live in this changed world.

First Conclusions

Within several months, the scientists had announced both “good news” and “bad news.” First, under the Viceroy’s orders they studied how dangerous Prime was to people. They concluded that the effect of Prime on a living organism could not be predicted, and there was no antidote. Also, even though Prime poisoning was not contagious, its effects may be dangerous for society, due to their volatility.

This dispassionate verdict caused a lot of concern. People began treating their compatriots impacted by Prime with suspicion, and they, in return, could not help feeling alienated. Conflicts arose and fights broke out, and as a result of the disturbance, any and all affected by Prime were declared dangerous members of society. If their internal concentration of Prime exceeded the maximum amount allowed, they were exiled from the settlements.

These drastic measures were, naturally, scientifically justified: “sacrificing a few for salvation of many” was the logic behind them, but that logic was not universally accepted. Those who had personal reasons to question the scientific arguments were especially difficult to convince. They did not see why healthy members of society had to be isolated from those contaminated with Prime. Numbers and formulas stated that, due to the climate of the Southern Province, Prime concentration there must be especially high, and therefore all its inhabitants were declared highly dangerous. Viceroy Leonard ordered that all communications with the neighboring province and its inhabitants be stopped, in order to save the lives of his subjects. Naturally, this resulted in an increased number of casualties in what later became Adornia, but the Viceroy could not please everyone.

The scientists’ second discovery was disclosed several months after the first. The news was so good that it quickly overshadowed the growing strain between the citizens.

It turned out that the impact of Prime upon passive matter, unlike that upon live organisms, fit certain strict rules, and therefore could be not only predicted, but even planned. Prime could change the properties of substances at various levels. By creating certain conditions while affecting matter with Prime, the final transformation could be controlled precisely.

Most importantly, it was quickly discovered that Prime was the most powerful fuel source known in existence, providing brand new opportunities for mechanics and technology. The simplest experiments in this field of research yielded incredible results. Under careful study and with the correct methods, Prime could replace all known types of fuel, bringing an unfathomable increase in efficiency.

What a revolutionary discovery! Now all of the possibilities and outcomes had to be discovered and accounted for as the laws governing the use of Prime were determined. Though there was a huge amount of work ahead, the reward promised to be equally enormous - new technologies, not only compensating for the loss of the old world, but able to raise the civilization to new heights!

Leonard rejoiced. Even in his most daring dreams, he had not envisioned a victory over Prime in which it was made to serve humanity. His subjects also rejoiced, and proudly proclaimed their love and gratitude toward the man who had been able to lead his people through times of chaos and despair to a hope for revival. These discoveries were the final step to strengthening to the scientific community and pushing its methods into the core values of the newly emerging state.

A little over a year after the Cataclysm, the two provinces began to restore their communications, but their old neighborly bond could not be revived in the new world, the Prime World. Both territories went on to proclaim their independence. When the South officially announced the formation of a new state—the sovereign Kingdom of Adornia, their Northern counterparts responded by reaffirming their commitment to the old political and social values of the Imperium. The people decided to show this heritage in the name of their new state, calling it the Dokht Imperium, and naming Leonard as their first Emperor.

Establishment of the New Imperium

The longer the Imperium scientists studied Prime, the more new questions they had, which led to an unending supply of topics for research. Prime was as inexhaustible a subject of study as it was a source of great power. Of course, the number of researchers, laboratory assistants and test subjects grew constantly. The project attracted everyone with any aptitude for scientific work, and responsibilities were allocated according to skill.

The study of the new substance required discipline, a consistent methodology and a systemic approach, and soon it absorbed all daily routines. The ability to contribute to the scientific studies became the dominant criterion for being a “useful member of society.” If you spent your own and others’ resources on frivolous subjects such as music, literature or other “humanities,” if you distracted other members of the Imperium from their research, if you violated the established rules and disciplines, then there was no place for you in the Imperium.

During the first few years, the scientists conducted deep research into the toxic and mutagenic properties of Prime, and finalized their study of exposure extent. This resulted in a more relaxed treatment of those impacted by Prime, at least as long as their exposure was within the limits which had been established by the scientific research.

But the other conclusion made initially——that Prime was extremely dangerous to living organisms—remained unchanged. To this day, the Imperium avoids any physical contact with Prime by wearing protective suits and following strict safety rules whenever they interact with the substance.

This careful approach to Prime did not prevent grand feats of engineering. Prime opened up new horizons of technical possibilities that, in turn, kept on giving the Imperium new ways of interacting with the world. Their new goal is to make the whole world technically predictable, understandable, and convenient, just as they managed to do with Prime. Thus, Prime serves not just as an interesting object of their studies, but also as a major tool for achieving their new goal. When studying Prime, the scientists merely analyze its physical properties, but when they put it to use, they are conquering the outside world.

In their weapons and fighting machines, the Imperium uses a new type of fuel: Prime Gems, which are artificially synthesized in special mines. Prime Gems hold the properties of Prime in a tiny form, but require higher effort to develop than traditional Prime deposits. This type of fuel is not economical to produce, but for military purposes, it is priceless.

That said, the Dokht Imperium is currently at peace. Of course, skirmishes in borderlands continue to occur regularly, but they are mostly just entertainment for bordering Lords, rather than serious battles.

Both the Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia realize that they need new deposits of Prime. Soon they’ll have to compete over these resources in the neutral territories. But after the Battle of Foggy Grove, the first nightmarish page in the history of the new world after the Cataclysm, neither party is eager to unleash a war for Prime just yet.



When you log into the game, you find yourself in a Castle. The Castle is your fortress, the place where you rest between battles. This is where you can build a variety of structures, from houses to Prime distilleries!

This is the resources panel, which displays the amount of resources you currently have.


Gold is a unique in-game currency that can currently be acquired only by trading real money for Gold Coins. Gold is extremely valuable but is of little use to new players. It is predominantly used for such functions as removing talents, changing faction/nickname, etc.


Silver is an in-game currency that can be either collected from the Castle residents or earned from processing certain resources in the castle. Silver can also be acquired in battles against players. Keep in mind that battles are much more profitable, but only if you win.


Food is a resource that can also be obtained either from the Castle or in battle. Food is consumed during construction or when upgrading structures. It is also used to replenish the energy of heroes worn out from fighting.


Ore/Sap is a resource that is used to build and upgrade structures. It can be acquired either in the castle or in battle.


Wood/Silk is a basic resource that is used to build structures and can be made into silver at the Manufactory/Weaving Shop respectively.


Prime Crystals are the most valuable resource in the game. The lord or lady of the Castle can use them to create talents and special structures. This resource is very rarely awarded for victories in battle and takes a very long time to be made in the buildings.


Population is the number of people who live at your castle. The more residents in your castle, the more structures and upgrades you can build. To make sure that you always have enough people, you need to build a lot of houses.


Another very important part of the interface is the panel located in the bottom left-hand corner.

This panel contains functions such as construction, heroes, friends and ignores, chat and fullscreen/windowed mode. To activate one of these functions, just click on the appropriate icon.

In addition to the functions listed above, this is also where the lord or lady’s level, avatar, nickname and XP remaining to the next level are displayed.

When you fist enter your castle, it will be very small, and the only structures it will have are the two inns. But this can be easily rectified! To expand your territory, just go to the Construction menu, select Services and expand your territory. Then you will be free to build whatever structures you deem necessary.



In this section we will take a closer look at the castle. The main function of this wonderful structure is construction, which gives us a serious advantage.

In order to build anything, a lord or lady needs a workforce (population of the Castle) and resources. If you have enough of both, you can start building structures.

If you do not have much time to spend battling other players, you should focus on structures meant to obtain resources. When sufficiently leveled up, these buildings will be able to provide you with a significant quantity of resources.

Naturally, these are not the only structures you could build in your Castle. Your Castle can be outfitted with a library, Prime Crystal sources, towers, resource processing facilities and even decorative items.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is only a limited amount of structures available. In the future, there will be many more of them for you to build.

When your structure is not working on producing resources for you, it goes into sleep mode, which is denoted by a half moon symbol. As soon as the production process has been completed, a symbol representing the finished product is displayed over the building. Don’t forget that structures need silver or other resources to function.

Another major part of the Castle mechanics are heroes. They will serve the lord or lady of the castle in exchange for a one-time fee. The cost to hire a hero varies depending on how complex they are to control and on the gender of the holder of the account. Beyond the Castle walls, the game also features PvP matches. Fighting against other players makes the heroes expend Vigor (an attribute that determines how many battles a hero can participate in). Each battle costs 40% of a hero’s Vigor, which can be restored rather quickly at the Inn/Spa. It is therefore in your best interest to upgrade your Inn/Spa as quickly and as much as you can.



Prime World is tightly intertwined with social networks. This allows players to comment on current events in the world of Praia and actively participate in the life of the game.

You can also connect your social network account with Prime World and use it to login into the game. This is a very convenient feature since you will be able to see all of your friends playing Prime World and invite them to your group.

There are slight differences in the game depending on your gender. There is an embedded level of mutual dependency between the female and male players. For example players of opposite genders can save each other during critical moments in battle, and we expect that there will be more social components in the future. All of this still lies ahead of us. After all, Prime World never stands still!



In Prime World, players can form or join clans. In a clan, players can donate resources to increase the level of the clan, win games to improve the clan’s overall and daily ratings, and fight for the top spot on the clan leaderboard. Clan leaders can create a 2-5 character abbreviation that will appear before the name of all clan members, helping to spread the word about the clan and promoting clan loyalty.





Suzerains and vassals. Seizing clans

Suzerains and vassals. Seizing clans

Each clan begins with one suzerain and one vassal. These may grow into proper clans, and meanwhile you can engage in clan wars and receive a small income from your vassal.

You can declare an assault on any clan you wish – you just need to spend a certain amount of strategy points (more on that below). Then begins the 24-hour siege! You can attack your foe at this point, and for the next day you will be competing against that other clan. The higher the rating of the clan you’re besieging, the more expensive it is to commence the attack. Throughout the siege, you may be joined by other invaders – and in this case, the winner will be the clan with the highest number of strategy points during the 24-hour siege.

If the attack was carried out on a clan that had a suzerain, the winner is determined by comparing the siege points that each invader earned during the siege, and the current suzerain. If the clan was alone in the conflict, then only that clan’s points are considered.

After a successful siege, a captured clan becomes a vassal.

If at the moment of victory the invader already possesses the maximum number of vassals, that lord must decide within four hours which of their vassals will be released. Before the decision is made, this clan cannot enter a new siege.
Clans cannot possess more than eight vassals, so it is ideal to capture the strongest, if you can keep them in check. However, a vassal can always revolt if he or she doesn’t like a suzerain. Starting a rebellion also requires a certain amount of strategic points. Rebellions also last 24 hours, and at its end the points are summed up: if the vassal scored higher than the suzerain, the vassal becomes free.

You can withdraw from a siege at any time. To do this, select "Surrender" from the popup menu. The result will depend on exactly who chooses to surrender.

  • If the defender is not a suzerain, the defender automatically becomes a vassal of the victor.
  • If a suzerain who protects vassals decides to surrender, and several clans are involved in the battle, that suzerain immediately loses their vassals, but the battle will continue between the remaining combatants.

Only the leaders of clans and their advisers can initiate sieges or raise rebellions. A clan can also petition any suzerain, asking to be brought under the suzerain’s protection. Each day you can send a maximum of 10 such petitions. If the request is accepted, and the petitioner is not already in a clan, he or she immediately becomes the suzerain’s vassal. If the petitioner is already a member of another clan, a siege begins.

Overview of the Game

Overview of the Game

Join the war between technology and magic in Prime World, the new RPG/MOBA from the creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V, Blitzkrieg, Silent Storm and Etherlords. Choose from dozens of characters and fight your friends in a battle for victory, glory, and precious Prime!

Prime World merges persistent RPG hero development, PvP and story-driven battles and castle building. You can hire, equip and train your heroes between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, and play together with your friends. You can even start your own clan and fight other clans!

Prime World offers various battlegrounds to challenge your friends — there are currently eight game modes, with more to come: from fast and fierce 3v3 Outpost to dark and moody 4v4 Dragonwald. And you will be able to play single-player episodic missions as well.

The Prime World Universe

The core story of the game is a clash between two nations: the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia. These rivals are locked in a continuous battle for control of Prime, a critical resource. Whoever wins more Prime will win the war! Prime is a source of energy, a dangerous alien substance that alters the world and gives its users power over it, and in this world, everyone needs Prime. Whoever controls the Prime controls the world.

The Battlefield

Prime World is the scene of an endless battle raging between the Imperium and the Keepers. The outcome of the war depends on each player. By controlling heroes, players support their armies, capture new territory, and attempt to destroy the enemy base. The enemy army is also led by heroes, so victory is not easy. Only the most coherent team, working together with cunning, courage, and resourcefulness, will win the day.

The Castle and its Construction

Each Prime World player is the lord of his or her own castle, the main base of operations and home to the player’s heroes. In the castle, players can build various buildings (from mining facilities to decorative structures), create new talents, and select sets of talents to equip their heroes with for upcoming battles. The construction and infrastructure of this town is an important gameplay element in Prime World. A good town results in a combat advantage!



As was previously mentioned, Prime World combines strategic skill and military acumen. To battle other players, simply click on your Castle gates, select an available hero and wait to be matched up with an opponent. If you end up being matched to an opponent that is stronger and more experienced than you, do not despair: We are continuously working on the matchmaking functionality.

Overall, we strongly recommend that you begin by practicing on bots in the Practice mode, because the mechanics of Prime World are very different from those of other similar games.

Let’s take a closer look at the battle interface. Once you team up with your friends, the first thing that you will see is a loading screen, displaying your allies and enemies.

While you’re waiting for the game to load, you can communicate with your allies. Take this time to discuss tactics and strategy.

Once the game has successfully loaded, you will find yourself on the battlefield at your team’s resurrection point.

Prime World uses a system based on talents. The main difference of this system compared to the typical artifact-based systems is that each of the heroes can be absolutely unique due to the particular set of talents that was used to train him or her. To learn a new talent, a hero needs Prime, which can be obtained by killing monsters, soldiers and heroes. Another way to get Prime is to play the mini-game. We will talk more about it later on.

To open the talent window, press Т.

Every hero has his or her own supply of Health, Energy and other attributes. To take a closer look at them, press С or use the Castle interface.

During battle, Health and Energy indicators are located just above the quick-access panel, containing your hero’s combat talents and usable items. Above the Health bar, you can see all the positive and negative effects that are currently affecting your character. To help you tell which is which, they are highlighted in different colors: positive effects are marked with a green border and negative ones with a red one. You can activate items in your inventory by pressing B or the corresponding button to the right of the quick-access panel. To the left of the panel is an icon that looks like a flask with liquid in it. This is the talent window, and the flask represents the amount of Prime you currently have. Keep in mind that in Prime World, Prime can be used not only to purchase talents, but also to buy items.

You can check out the overall status of the game by taking a look at the match statistics. These include the number of kills/death/support points/points for every player and the overall number of kills. Here you will also find a timer and information about the amount of terrain seized by each of the sides.

Naturally, the game also has a mini-map. You can find it in the lower-right corner, which is a pretty standard and convenient place for it to be. The map is designed to make it easy to follow the movements of allies and enemies, so make sure to take a look at it from time to time. Beside players’ movements, you can also keep track of the terrains being seized. You can send a signal to alert your allies and get help, or point out an area being threatened by the enemy.

You can communicate both with your allies and your opponents during battle. This can be done via the chat window, located on the left side. To write a message, press Enter.

The chat window shows player messages, as well as automatic notifications about victories and defeats suffered by your allies and enemies.



In this section you will find out more about how to battle in Prime World.

Terramorphing is a unique feature of Prime World that allows you control terrain during battle. Native Terrain enhances some of your hero’s talents. Don’t forget to seize it. To control a section of terrain, you need to raise your faction’s flag over it. Besides flags, you can also use special talents that create Native Terrain around a hero. Some heroes can create Native Terrain without talents.

Native Terrain does more than just enhance talents—it also allows your allies to teleport.

Remember! You can only teleport to your Native Terrain.

Mini-Game. This is another unique feature of Prime World. The mini-game is another way to level your character. Please note, however, that while you are playing the mini-game, you are no longer on the battlefield. It all becomes worth it once you return back and are able to supply your allies with valuable scrolls won in the mini-game.

Let’s take a look at the so-called “Zuma.” This is what we get for winning a level.

When you win a mini-game level, your character gets Prime. The amount of Prime you get depends on the difficulty, and the difficulty depends on the level. Levels can be unlocked either over time or by beating previous levels. In addition to Prime, you also get a chance to give your allies or yourself one of five magical scrolls.

Bird Scroll

This is a magical scroll that allows you to increase your allies’ Strength and Intellect and reduce the Strength and Intellect of your enemies within a specific area. Bird Scrolls also reduce your enemies’ healing effectiveness.


Healing Scroll

Once used, this scroll periodically heals a hero’s wounds. The amount of Health restored depends on the hero’s maximum Health


Starfall Scroll

When used, all enemies around the user take magical damage. Soldiers and monsters take more damage than heroes. Don’t forget that the scroll takes time to cast.


Light Scroll

Once this scroll has been used, the hero starts emitting beams of light that blind all enemies in the surrounding area and cause their attacks to miss.


Gemini Scroll

A copy of the hero with significantly reduced stats appears next to him or her. This scroll also reduces all talent cooldowns.


Glyphs. Glyphs are symbols that significantly increase hero’s abilities for a long period of time. They appear about once every three minutes in two locations on the map – in the upper-half and the bottom-half of the river that runs through the middle of the map. It’s very important to watch for the appearance of these glyphs and try to prevent the enemy from taking them for themselves. Let’s move on to the descriptions of these glyphs.

Power Glyph: The hero’s Strength and Intellect are increased by 50%.

Haste Glyph: The hero’s Movement Speed and Attack Speed are significantly increased.

Invisibility Glyph: The hero becomes invisible for a long time.

Refresh Glyph: The cooldown of all the hero’s talents is reduced by half.

Shops: small stalls owned by healers. They can be found at your team’s resurrection point or in the forest. These stalls sell highly useful potions and scrolls with functions that range from healing to dealing damage.

The Fire Drake is the main monster on the map. When the Fire Drake is killed, every member of the team gets a large Prime bonus. Do not forget that in order to get as much Prime as possible, you need to take part in the battle against the dragon.





The Global map and Clan War interface

The Global map and Clan War interface

When your clan attacks or captures someone, a special icon appears in your castle on the right. This is a prompt with information about how much longer the siege and defenses will last.

But to access everything related to the clan war, you can check a new screen: the global map. You can do this by pressing the appropriate button, at the bottom-right corner of the castle screen, above the portrait of the player.

The screen shows a stylized map, at the center of which is your clan’s castle. Surrounding it are your vassals, and the clan’s suzerain is shown at the top in a special frame, where you can access your clan store. Also displayed is the clan’s abbreviation, as well as its rating. In addition, the castles display their status – whether they are captured and so on. If you right-click on your clan, a pop-up menu displays the actions you can take, depending on the situation. Click on a vassal, for example, and you can you “Expel” them. Click on a suzerain, and you’ll have the option to "Overthrow" them.

You can also see the map of any other clan (except for those that are issued automatically at the beginning). To do this, select a Clan and a pop-up menu will appear. Then you may select 'Go to.' To return, right-click on any castle on the map and click "Return."

The top of the screen displays gold and other resources used in clan warfare – the clan members’ personal tactical points and the clan’s strategic points. Also shown are the number of captured vassals. The icon at the bottom left of the clan offers the following options:

  • Return to castle
  • Shop
  • Search clans
  • Chat

The Keepers of Adornia

The Keepers of Adornia

Beauty will save the world

In the Southern territories Prime is deemed a great gift from the living universe, which marks a new phase in the world’s development. No matter how great the number of human casualties, the “new humankind” marches resolutely forward.

Before the Prime Era, many guests from all over the Imperium regularly visited the Southern Province. This region was renowned for its warmth, sunny climate and incredible nature. It was a popular spot to vacation in, as well as hold various festivals and other outdoor activities. One such festival was held on the eve of the Cataclysm, and many creative professionals arrived here not only from the neighboring lands, but also from the Northern Province. No one could have predicted that they would never return...

When streams of Prime swept over the world, the Southern region was left at the mercy of this new element. Because the South was mostly lowlands, the damp and marshy terrain was quick to absorb the dangerous substance, which stayed in the soil for a long time. The multitude of people who fell victim to Prime poisoning was inconceivable. Beautiful vistas were turned into bleak dead wooded landscapes. Many of those who managed to survive the first days of the Cataclysm decided to head into the mountains to seek aid and mercy from their Northern neighbors.

With every caravan that departed north, those who remained couldn’t help but feel a growing despair. Prime was already being metabolized by residents of the Southern lands, increasing their emotional and creative capacity, and their intuition. Sadly no one knew this at the time. People justified their decision to stay in various ways, and also tried to dissuade those dear to them from embarking on a perilous path to dubious salvation.

Amagatu, a young southern architect, also felt that the journey north would not only fail to provide relief from the disaster, but would also bring even greater hardship. Sadly, the family of his beloved refused to heed his warnings. The head of the family was more rational than emotional, and his voice of reason suggested that they seek help from relatives in the north. “Look at what has become of our homeland,” he motioned at the uprooted trees in the desolate wastes. “There is no present here, nor is there a future. These lands shall never be restored to life. We must look for a new home. We set out tomorrow.”

Desperate, Amagatu walked circles around his beloved’s house all night, resolved to find a way to persuade her family to stay. When the sun came up, people witnessed the impossible: in the middle of the Prime-devastated terrain stood a beautiful garden with blooming flowerbeds, orchards, and ornate bridges running across soothing streams. In a lovely gazebo of exquisite workmanship slept one exhausted young architect. That night he did more than just save his love and her family from certain death. His heart, overflowing with emotion, had enabled him to discover a pathway to a new magical force, a force to be used by the people of the south.

New Humanity

The survivors of the Cataclysm in the south discovered new and amazing abilities. Their new magical powers allowed them to transform matter with their imagination and emotions. “Transform” is a good word to use; a southern blacksmith cannot “forge” a sword out of thin air, but he can turn a chunk of steel into a sword through magic. The stronger the person’s emotions, the greater the strength of their magic.

This is why those with inherently creative personalities were the first to sense the danger in trying to seek safety in the northern highlands, even to those for whom those lands were home. After all, creativity is largely a product of emotion, inspiration, and being in the moment “right here and now.” Prime greatly amplified these innate abilities, boosting people’s intuitive perception and opening up brand new creative powers.

Intuition alone is often insufficient to perform truly powerful magic. Other necessary elements include a clear vision of the end result, foresight of all the components and their interconnections. This was made obvious in the Keepers’ first attempts to rebuild their homes with the help of the new magic. On the outside, the homes were extraordinary works of art, but there were many internal issues. One house would be missing a staircase, another would have a leaky roof, and one creator managed to forget about windows and doors altogether. Occasionally masterpieces were made even without the requisite knowledge and experience, but those were happy accidents. Nevertheless, in the interest of practical application, the new magic needed a basic methodology.

To discover the full potential of people in the new world, they needed to gain a knowledge of the essence of all kinds of objects and substances. This could have taken decades, but Prime came to the aid of the Keepers once again. Because Prime concentration levels were so high in the South, the substance ingrained itself in the local organisms, allowing them to know objects without having to study them. Prime was revealed to them both as a part of the outside world and of mankind’s inner essence, establishing an intuitive link between the inner and outer cosmos. This enabled people to recognize Prime as part of themselves, the world, the universe. They learned to draw the inspiration to fuel their “creations through passion” from nature itself.

Amagatu continued to play a pivotal role in the new society. His beautiful garden became the epitome of the new creative direction in the Prime World. The architect’s talent and knowledge interwove with the inspiration and beauty drawn from nature, forming a single whole, as magnificent as it was perfect. The garden was visited by people wanting not only to revel in its beauty, but also to hear the master speak. Amagatu was happy to share his newly discovered knowledge with his fellow citizens. He taught them to understand Prime, and to develop their talent through constant practice. To draw inspiration from nature and always strive for perfection. He gave lectures on art and architecture, encouraging others to look at all of the world’s phenomena with new eyes, for true beauty could be found in all of them. Most importantly, he instilled in others the confidence that anyone could become a great master, as long as they focused on honing and developing their talent. “The limits to human abilities are set by people themselves,” Amagatu would tell them. “When Prime came into this world, it helped us to shatter these limits and realize that nothing is impossible. Any summit can be conquered, as long as you are willing to ascend it.”

The new and amazing abilities discovered along with Prime were perceived as the next evolutionary step – an environment-triggered global transformation of people into a “new humankind.” And when communication between the provinces was restored one year after the Cataclysm, the people in the South learned that the ability to create on the basis of Prime was only open to them. It was clear that not everyone had taken this new evolutionary step.

They also learned of their Northerners’ harsh and cold-blooded treatment of the Southern refugees, who tragically perished in their territory, from emaciation, hunger and wounds. Utterly shocked, the “new humankind” denounced their former neighbors and proclaimed their province’s independence. Later, they completely cut ties with the past by announcing the formation of their own sovereign state: the Kingdom of Adornia. They began to call themselves “Keepers” and “Keepers of Adornia,” for they were able to restore the beauty of their lands and preserve their mighty inner spirit, which would carry them through any new trials. Of course, the new state’s foremost value became the freedom of creation in all its forms.

The Kingdom of Adornia prospers

The viceroy of the former Southern Province took the helm as leader of the nation. This post was initially offered to Amagatu, but he modestly and gracefully declined. However, creativity had to assume “a fitting place” of its own in the new state, so the King’s leadership was supplemented by a superior governmental body: the Round Table. It comprised the top masters of all forms of art, including combat and pseudoscience, and the most skillful and respected among them served as the head. The first and Chief Master of Adornia was Amagatu himself.

On the whole, the new nation’s administrative structure was set up to foster the citizen’s emotions, inspiration and creativity. For this very reason Adornia is a kingdom, and its society is aristocratic. This promotes the kindling of passions, which in turns fosters the growth of creativity. And yet the fundamental postulate of the new state was freedom, a fact which was further reflected in the fabric of society. The kingship or queenship of Adornia was not a predestined post, but an elected one in which the sovereign served a sixteen-year term. Similarly, the Keepers’ aristocracy was formed not by birthright, but via masters selecting talented pupils from any social class.

All of Adornia’s social structures, including family, were subject to the concepts of craftsmanship and creativity. As was the case in the other areas of society, the development of an individual’s creative talents took precedence over blood ties and other conventionalities. The role of a father is assumed by the master. The moment an Adornian child begins to express his individual tendencies, he begins his apprenticeship with the appropriate instructor. Eventually the pupils inherit the rights and properties of their master, rather than their blood parents.

The institution of marriage was also rejected, scorned as a rudiment of “old humankind.” After all, any attempts to preserve love by attaching to it all kinds of labels and obligations seemed tasteless and absurd. Love and relationships ought to inspire rather than burden. To this end, bright passions that span several days can enliven the spirit just as much as a partnership that lasts many years. Living right here and now and feeling the full breadth of every moment – therein lies the main principle of Adornian life, which they follow both in their creative pursuits and in their daily lives.

The Keepers’ worldview is, in a nutshell, continuous growth toward absolute mastery. They believe that Prime constitutes a special state of the living world, a new step in evolutionary development, granting the “new humankind” the opportunity to find their place through creativity and self-expression. They are not concerned with the opinions of others, as they are focused on developing their own talents, and, of course, the very joy of creation.

In “creating through passion” Prime is used as an internal resource, the main connecting link between the theoretical concept and its material manifestation. Even now, the southern territories are densely saturated with Prime, but the Keepers depend far more on its high quantities than citizens of other lands. Therefore the areas of Adornian cities where people gather or go for walks are decorated with Prime fountains, with a dedicated reservoir in every home.

To utilize Prime in the field or in combat, the Keepers invented a special technique of concentrating Prime. This process was made possible with the help of nature. The Keepers exercise patience to create beautiful lakes, in which Prime turns into solid crystals. However, because this process takes a lot of time and resources, they have begun to search for new reserves of Prime.

It would be unwise to discount the Keepers’ ability to defend themselves in view of their passion for creating. “To love the fruits of inspiration” can also be interpreted as “to hate the obstacles in the creative process.” From the very outset of their new state, the Keepers knew that the Imperium, a dangerous, cruel and close-minded enemy, one that had inherited the worst ideas of the old world, had established itself nearby. They also knew that sooner or later their interests would clash, necessitating a new terrible war. And the Keepers of Adornia are ready for it.



In Prime World, heroes are divided into various roles. There are currently five roles in the game and you can find out more about them below.

Slayer. This role requires the player to proceed with caution, using well thought-out tactics. Due to their extreme vulnerability, slayers cannot just charge head-first into battle. With that said, they can land a decisive blow at just the right moment that is many times more powerful than what the rest of their allies could inflict. When playing a Slayer, your best bet is to wait for the right moment to take down an opponent that your allies have already weakened with their weapons. At the same time Slayers require the protection of their teammates, since they are not likely to survive a direct assault. Moreover, in order to avoid getting killed, Slayers can use a certain talent that allows them to disappear from the thick of the fray and save their skins.

Protector. This role is perfect for players who prefer to be on the front lines and charge headlong into enemy hordes. Protectors can attack several targets at once and are a serious threat. Protectors can slow and immobilize enemies, giving their allies a chance to regroup and launch a more successful attack. Protectors have a large amount of Health, which makes them difficult to kill. If the players on the opposing team have managed to take a Protector down, you can be sure that it took almost all of their talents to do it, which also means that any allies that choose to attack at this particular moment are guaranteed to win.

Vanguard. The name of this role speaks for itself—after the Protector, the Vanguard is next in line to wage a furious assault against his or her chosen targets. Players who choose this role generally only have access to melee weapons, although there are also talents that allow Vanguards to “hurl” themselves into the fray. Moreover, Vanguards can usually take control of one specific enemy target and briefly draw it out of the battle. Heroes with this role have a decent amount of Health, allowing them to survive direct enemy attacks, and are able to cause an impressive amount of damage.

Support. Players who choose this role will spend most of the battle hiding out in the back, since their attacks are capable of inflicting only a very small amount of damage. These heroes are lucky to survive against even a single enemy, but they can be highly useful to the other members of their team. Generally speaking, the Support role consists in healing teammates and occasionally taking over the minds of other players to give allies a chance to flee.

Fighter. Fighters are usually ranged warriors, although there have been a few melee warriors amongst them. They have a limited supply of Health, but can do an impressive amount of damage. A hero with this role can take down a mortally wounded enemy quickly and be very useful against various siege engines. Fighters do a lot of damage, although it takes them longer than other heroes to do so.



As mentioned above, heroes are the lord and lady’s weapons. They can be hired under the corresponding tab. Keep in mind that all heroes have different prices depending on how hard they are to use.

You start with three heroes. Since Prime World has an active social aspect, your starting heroes and the cost to purchase new ones will differ based on your gender.

Now let’s talk about collaboration. If a female player’s health drops below a certain point while she’s next to a male player, the Hero’s Charm talent, which absorbs damage and negative effects, activates. However, in order for the talent to activate, the male player needs to have it in his talent set, and his partner needs to have a female account and be playing a female hero.





Prime Word Castle

Prime Word Castle

The Prime Word Castle is an important part of the game, allowing a lord to demonstrate the depths of his strategic ability. Besides the pleasure of managing the economy, the castle gives users a great alternative way to develop their characters.

As always, the basis of any economy is the people. In Prime World, the population of a castle is determined by the capacity of the residential buildings on its territory. The opposing factions have different names for these buildings, but they are otherwise basically the same.

The Keepers call their simplest houses cabins; the Dokhts call them lodges. They are cheap and of a modest size, which is good since each castle has limited space. However, only a few people can live in each cabin, and they only yield five silver coins of profit every three days. In contrast, the most populated buildings are the mansions (Keepers) and chateaus (Dokhts). They bring in much more money, but they also require much more space. Between these two extremes are cabins/cottages and villas/manors, each with their own unique size, population, and yield.

The second pillar of a good economy is raw materials. The Dokhts have ore and wood, and the Keepers have sap and silk. Silk weaving is done is weaving shops, and sap is collected on Rubber-tree Plantations. More raw materials allow the construction of other structures, as well as the production of the most important resource of all, the aim of the castle's whole existence: Prime crystals!

Later in the game, you can use Prime crystals to develop much-needed talents for your heroes, including talents which will lessen your dependence on PvP battles.

As in any good economic strategy game, managing the Prime World castle requires that you feed your population, gather raw materials, and store what you produce. Your heroes will need to recharge their strength, and talents you collect need a place to be stored. So, besides industrial buildings, a good lord needs to build all kinds of storage buildings, expand his agriculture, raise animals, build a bathhouse, find space for a good library, and so on.

Then, the grand walls of the castle can be filled with unique designs, decorated with various colors, and beautified with all kinds of sculptures, gardens, and parks. With the help of decorations, each player's castle becomes a unique work of art!

But that's not all. Almost every building in the castle can be progressively upgraded, improving its quality of work and expanding its services. The castle is a paradise for those that enjoy economic-type games. This dynamic opens up an immense number of possibilities as players choose their own path by directing their castle's economy. If you'd like, you can focus on your economy, earn money, and accelerate the recovery of your battle-worn heroes. Or, you can focus on producing talents, allowing your characters to do more in fewer battles. Or, you can combine the two into a hybrid military/economic model.

The leading specialists of both the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia promise that in the future they will provide the lords with designs for entirely new types of buildings.

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